DIOnavi. is a 100% digital implant procedure, from diagnosis to implantation.

We use oral data from CBCT and intraoral scanner to run 3D simulation and fabricate our famous DIOnavi. surgical guides that let’s you place implants more accurately and safely than ever.

Conventional Implant Surgery

Consultation and X-rays.
First stage implant surgery
Stitch removal and disinfection
Second stage implant surgery
Teeth modelling
Loading temporary teeth
Final prosthesis

DIOnavi. Surgery

Consultation and CT & intra-oral scan
DIOnavi. surgery and immediate loading
Disinfection and examination
Final prosthesis

Why is DIOnavi.

3D Digital Oral Scanner

3D oral scan can be done in a short period of time, with more comfort for the patient.

Accurate and Safe Procedure

Combination of 3D oral scan and CT imaging provides extremely accurate information of teeth, bones, nerves as well as the angulation of the planned implants.

Implant Planning Based on 3D Simulation

The 3D computer simulation specifies the optimal location and angle and helps accurately place an implant assisted with a customized surgical guide.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

DIOnavi. surgery is minimally invasive, punching a small hole over the soft tissue at the site of implant, with minimal bleeding, pain, and swelling, and so recovers fast.

DIOnavi. Digital Workflow

DIOnavi. Procedure

Make a smart dental implant choice

DIO is a global brand
DIOnavi. is applicable for all indications.
World-class technology
DIOnavi. has been verified through clinical cases of more than 600,000 holes.
Proven clinical results
Our state-of-the-art implants and treatment solutions are used in 70+ countries.
Guaranteed by authenticity certificate
We always provide after-care service for DIOnavi. patients.



For Dentist

A procedure personalized just for you

Hybrid Implant System
with SLA Surface

Digital prosthesis solution
DIO Ecosystem

Super hydrophillic
UV Activator

Digital Navigation Implant
Digital Solution

What is digital Full Arch?

Digital Full Arch is a series of 4-6 implants which restores the function of an entire arch.
Leverages the benefits of digital diagnosis and treatment.
Accurate method with excellent esthetics.
Minimal incision which means minimal pain with full of teeth and full of life.
And faster recovery time for the patient.

DIOnavi. Full Arch

comparing with Full Denture



Patients who have lost all of their teeth, dentures are used when implants cannot be placed due to poor gum condition.
It is uncomportable to remove and attach a removable prosthesis that is not fixed.

It is a treatment that cannot preserve the gingival bone, and the gingival bone is gradually absorbed and cannot be used permanently.



Placing 2-4 implants and then fixing the dentures using the attachments.

Compared to the conventional dentures, overdentures have stronger retention, but the overdenture attachments eventually wear out over time, resulting in diminished snap retention and perceived looseness of the overdenture so periodic replacement of the attachment parts is required.


Implant Supported Full Bridge

Place multiple implants and connect the prosthesis individually.

It is more stable than other prosthetic methods, but it can be performed only if the bones are sufficient due to the large number of implants. However, the treatment cost is expensive.


Digital Full Arch

Place 4-6 implants and connect them with one-pice prosthesis. The process is most advanced digital process. It is stable and accurate because Implants position is determined according to the patient’s digital data (CBCT, oral scanner). So it can be used for a long period.

–>Since the gum area can be restored, it is high esthetic. The procedure cost is reasonable with the optimal number of implants.

Easy & Accurate

Treat an edentulous patient with a digital process using intraoral scanner, CBCT, DIOnavi. guide
and DIOnavi. Full Arch prosthesis. Recover the patient’s oral condition with the best.

Why is Full Arch good?

For Dentist

DIO Navi.
guide system
Full digital system
Simple & Easy
Digital Workflow
Screw retained

For Patient

Less financial burden
Shorten chair time
No shaking of the denture
You can eat on the day of the procedure