Why are DIO IMPLANT special?

UFII Internal Submerged System

Open Thread

It is possible to adjust the implantation depth by reducing the fixture placement resistance.

Platform Switching

Since it has a platform switching structure, stable prosthetic connection is possible.

Upper Thread

Tapered Thread, Initial Fixation
By applying a tapered thread to the straight body, the stress applied to the upper part of the fixture is effectively dispersed. The thread depth decreases upwards, reducing friction on the cortical bone.

Morse Tapered Contact Connection

Tightness between fixture and abutment and load distribution are excellent.

Straight Body

Decrement of Bone Damage
The depth of the fixture is varied by changing the depth of the body part, and stable implantation is possible like a straight type in a fixture with a long depth.

Cutting edge

Self-tapping efficiency can be increased through sharp edges.

Tapered Body

Taper Guide Gradually
Even with weak bone quality by applying a taper, initial entry is easy even when drilling is weak.


The gentle round shape can reduce tissue damage caused by implants when used in the maxillary sinus.

Surface Treatment Feature

Hybrid Sand Blast & Acid Etched

DIO implants are manufactured in a Hybrid SLA (HSA) method that implements a rough surface.
The surface treatment technology of DIO implants increases the contact area between bones and implants.

Surface of a DIO RBM implant

Surface of a DIO Hybrid SLA (HSA) implant

✓ Excellent initial fixation

✓ Improve affinity with surrounding soft tissue

✓ Minimize bone absorption around the implant

✓ Minimal inflammatory response to surrounding bones.

Bone formation speed increased up to 49%

Three weeks after implantation, DIO’s surface treatment (HSA) shows that bone formation rate is 49% activated compared to DIO’s surface treatment(RBM).

Widely used worldwide

We manufacture state-of-the-art implants and provide treatment solutions used in more than 70 countries.


Proven clinical results

Clinically proven through long-term clinical and joint studies worldwide.


Excellent surface treatment technology

Excellent surface treatment technology and implant design


DIO issues a certificate of authenticity for each case.

We provide after-care services if you have placed a DIO implant


Hybrid Sand Blast
& Acid Etched

The surface treatment technology of DIO implants increases the contact area between bones and implants, integrating bones and implants securely.